Floral Draped Mandap
Floral Draped Mandap
Floral Mandap
Floral Mandap

We have combined a western look with tradition, our Floral Mandap will bring a sense of warmth and style to your occasion.

With the use wooden pillars we have induced the Mandap with classic ivory and gold draping that hang between each mandap pillar giving a crisp and clean look to the Mandap. The Floral Mandap will create an ambiance and feel of welcome to both you and your guests.

Fresh flowers are incorporated in this mandap to great effect, from simple greenery and the use of Roses and Lilies, to the more Exotic Flowers. With the simplicity and style of the mandap you can opt for various colour themes to complement this.

The aisle can be adorned with Polished Brass Ganesh statues, Fresh Flowers, to the more contemporary Hurricane Vases with Church Candles.

Floral Mandap

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