Ganesh 8 Pillar Mandap
Ganesh 8 Pillar Mandap
Ganesh Mandap
Ganesh Mandap
Ganesh Mandap

A piece of art created through skill and beauty, brought together with the knowledge of craft. The beauty and tradition has been carefully shown through the Ganesh Mandap...
The wood carved sculpture has been crafted with intricate care to perceive an unblemished and uniquely carved pillar. The Mandap and Gate pillars, both portray the omnipresence of Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati.
With the Mandap and Gate pillars being intricately carved through, it is a jubilant to be seen. The crisp design of this mandap bestows itself to being flourished with fresh flowers, bells or crystals.

You’ll be guided through the walkway with matching hand carved Pedestals and Ganesh statues.

Ganesh Mandap

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